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On hotface and life after flight.

Hello from sunny, humid, mind-bendingly hot Chennai, India!

We landed in Abu Dhabi after a 13.5hr flight—probably the best flight I’ve ever had, in terms of take-off, turbulence (or lake thereof), and landing. And the 13 hrs didn’t even seem that bad, so that’s good, right? I passed the time trying to sleep, being fed rice and ice cream alternatively at ungodly hours of the morning, and watching Downton Abbey.

(Sidebar: For those of you who love Downton Abbey—i.e. Flank-Lukas and the Mathie-Darlings—I’d never seen it before, but it’s pretty good! I got through four episodes, Imma try to finish ‘em up at some point).

We landed in Chennai after a 4 hour flight from Abu Dhabi to Chennai—nothing interesting to note here, just a lot of crying babies. We landed in Chennai, got through customs and got all of our luggage without any big issues. We got out of the airport around 5 am, and it was at least 85 degrees out, with the kind of humidity that makes my hair stick out about 2 inches further out than it usually does. It was hot. I was hot. (Typical.)

[There are supposed to be some pictures here of the roads in Chennai, but we can’t currently find the cord to transfer them over so…sucks for you guys.]

And honestly guys, I’m not really sure of everything that went down between 5am and 1pm. We checked into our hotel, had a series of family and friends visit us, we ate at some point, and went out to a store to pick up some clothes to wear in the next couple of days.

And then I just passed out until about 7:30pm. We had dinner, and now that it’s 10:30pm here (and 12:00pm back home), I am awake and alert and un-nauseated for the first time in 18 hours. So, the jetlag sucks.

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning we’re hitting up an area of Chennai called Porur, which is where Ramachandra University is. I’m meeting with my Field Experience preceptor, which I’m a little nervous about. Hopefully he’ll be able to tell me what exactly I’ll be working on starting in June.

Imma go try to sleep now…

Lemon, out.


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The obligatory start-of-travel blog post…

Hello friend(s)!

As many of you may know, I will be leaving tomorrow for Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in India. And being the enormous narcissist that I am, I have decided to write about it here, and then bombard you all with Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr updates and reminders to read about me.

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India. It’s big, with a population of a little over 4.6 million. For a plethora of other information, please click for a link to the wikipedia page. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll.

I’ll be going over with my family for my cousin’s wedding in Sri Lanka (the island off the tip of the Indian peninsula). After the festivities, my family will be coming back to the U.S. Starting in June, I will be working with the Environmental Health and Engineering Department at Sri Ramachandra Medical University. I will be helping out with a field study, assessing environmental risk factors and figuring out how they relate to different maternal and child health outcomes. I’m really excited to be getting the opportunity to work in the public health field, on a global scale.

I really hope this can be kind of a regular thing, and that you all can count on it to fill the void I have left in your hearts by traipsing off to another continent. I’ll probably talk about the work that I’m doing, but I’m also definitely going to post about any (if any) adventures I may have, as well as pictures from different mini-trips, the wedding, and any other requested info/pics (within reason).

So, tomorrow my family is stopping by the County Clerk’s office to fill out our absentee ballots for the June election (can you believe they didn’t have absentee ballots ready until TOMORROW? Ridiculous.), and heading down to O’Hare International. We’ll have a 14hr flight from O’Hare to Abu Dhabi (so excited for that one, you guys), and then a 3.5hr flight from Abu Dhabi to Chennai. We leave Chicago

Stuff is packed and ready to go, things are  happening.

Talk to you in a couple days, kids.


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