Wedding-ish picturezz

Wedding henna. I got it done by a street artist in Chennai, and he finished both hands, forearms (not pictured, obvs), front and back (not pictured), in 20 MINS! It was amazing. Just to let you know, my right forearm was my favorite part. If this internet starts working a little harder, I’ll share a pic.

First day (Nalangu):

My aunt (eldest uncle’s wife), mah mom, Vino, me, dad. I don’t know why my dad’s standing off to the side like that. It’s pretty typical, though.
(Sorry, don’t have access to any of my wedding pictures right now…but I’ll add some my cousin sent me when my internet’s being so sloooowww)
Saniyar (reception) with the bride! Look at how Indian we all look:


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