Sorry guys

I know most of you have been hanging onto every word I’ve typed, waiting with bated breath for my next post, and I am so sorry to have disappointed you (or deprived you of the proper amount of oxygen you need to live!).

It’s not even that I haven’t had time to update or anything super cool and busy-sounding like that. I’m just so damn lazy. During the day (each and every day) I think of at least 2 really cool things I could talk about on here, that you might actually want to hear about, but then I get home and just…don’t want to do anything. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, being in India hasn’t changed my internet habits: I’m still unproductive and lazy and like to spend time looking at things I will never have, or can’t afford, or can’t change, reading things that make me mad and impassioned, but also tire me out when I think about them…

I’m basically just very sleepy most of the time.

So, sorry guys. I’ll try to step up my game.

(Loyal readers will notice that I had an almost identical post less than 3 posts ago. Loyal readers have also stopped reading this so I suppose there’s no point in pointing this out. AlsoI doubt I ever had loyal readers. Except maybe Emily. She’s always been weirdly obsessed with me.)





P.S. Things get kind of lonely here sometimes, you guys should email me about your lives so I can live an American life vicariously through you. If you’re not currently living an American life, you are still welcome to email me, though I can’t promise I’ll read or respond. What would be the point?


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