There and back again (Trichy edition)

I’m writing this updates on our drive up from Colombo to Kandy, Sri Lanka. Just to make you all a little jealous, this is my view right now:

Last week we went to Trichy, short for Trichnapolli. This is where my mom grew up, and a small village about 20 km away called Puthanampatti is where both my parents’ families are from. In Trichy we stayed at my cousin Kumar’s flat. He lives in Arkansas right now, but his brother, my cousin Danush came down from Bangalore to help us out. We visited a couple of temples and family members in Trichy, and then took a trip out to Puthanampatti and (another town I don’t remember the name of right now) to see our family temples.

Each family “belongs” to a temple. Men belong to the same temple as their fathers, women belong to the same temple as their fathers until they marry, and then they marry into their husband’s family and family temple. We weren’t able to get into my dad’s temple because of some inter-family disputes (three families belong to the temple, two joined together and are trying to kick my dad’s family out). But we were able to see my grandpa’s temple, which was beautiful. Seriously. Easily one of my favorite places, ever.

Trichy is the third or fourth biggest city in Tamil Nadu, with a population of about 750,000. They’re famous for mangoes. OH the mangoes. They were so delicious. There was even a mango tree in front of my cousin’s flat:

My mom, on the phone, in front of a mango tree. You’re welcome.

This is where my mom grew up, and where a lot of her side of the family lives, so we did a lot of visiting. I never see my extended family, so it’s always nice to have an opportunity to talk to them (or at least try to, my Tamil’s not that great). Trichy is also where I lived and went to preschool for 6 months (surprise!). This was my school:


I took an auto rickshaw there every morning from my grandparents’ house (which I vividly remember). I also vaguely remember the courtyard of the school, and definitely remember reciting nursery rhymes to our teacher. I’m pretty cool that way.

We took the train back to Madras/Chennai after a couple days Chennai, by the way, is HOT. It’s noisy, sweaty, and filled to the brim with people. Going to a store that’s about a mile away is the worst. And that’s in a car. Trichy was a little better—still loud, still lots of people, but not as suffocating hot as Chennai.

We spent the next two days meeting up with other friends and family we hadn’t seen yet, doing some last minute shopping for the wedding, and packing for Sri Lanka…

To be continued….


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