The Road to March 2012, Abridged

A lot has happened in the last 5ish months, so here’s a recap of my life.

I finished up my first semester at University of Minnesota in the School of Public Health successfully and have started my second semester, which not only feels easier, but also is more interesting. I’m taking classes that seem more in line with my interests and passions (more on that later). One class in particular is especially inspiring (and terrifying), and I’ll be sharing a lot of what we talk about there, here. 

I turned 23, which was an insanely uneventful and mundane experience. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s pretty dull, especially in a city where you barely know anyone.

I got a job! I now work at the Minnesota Department of Health in the Vaccine Preventable Diseases unit, as a “Senior Paraprofessional” doing hepatitis surveillance. We monitor every hepatitis case in Minnesota, acute and chronic, and report the cases to the CDC. The unit also goes out in the field in the case of an outbreak (I think. This hasn’t happened while I’ve been there, and I definitely hope it stays that way.). It’s going well! I alternate between really liking it and really not liking it. I think I’ve decided that I don’t mind the work, and I know it’s important to do, so I find it rewarding, but it’s certainly not what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

Christmas happened. Things to note: I read the Hunger Games, parents got me “The West Wing” (the complete series!)

Got back to Minnesota, watched “The West Wing” (the complete series!).

Second semester started! I’m taking Community Health Theory in Practice, Biostats II, Infectious Disease (more of a global health issues course), Genetics (don’t ask), and Skills for Policy Development (this one just started). I’m really enjoying the semester so far, though I feel like I see the few friends I’ve made even less.

I just got back from spring break in North Carolina, where I got to see TWO bears, which was very exciting.

And that brings us to this week, where I finalized some plans to go to India this summer for my masters field experience, and we talked about utilizing social media in public health and I realized I had yet to start this up again.

Which brings us to today!

And THAT, my friends(?) is my journey to today, abridged.


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