Internet, John Snow, etc.

I have internet now! Not to mention cable! It’s all very exciting.

I have now completed one week of grad school. And here’s my grand epiphany: it’s basically the same as any other level of school. I’m hoping that’s because it’s just been a week, but I guess a part of me was hoping the professors would finally trust their students to be capable of reading through the syllabus on their own. Additionally, I’ve been doing an absolutely ridiculous assignment for Epidemiology that involves reading through journal entries made by John Snow about his epidemiological study on the cholera outbreak in London c. 1800s, and then answering some questions about it. Like a worksheet.  So tedious, so elementary, so unnecessary.

I’m taking a few classes this semester: Biostats 1, Epidemiologic Methods, Community Health Theory and Practice, Environmental Health, Principles of Management in Helath Services, and Sexuality Education: Criteria, Curricula, and Controversy. It sounds like a heavy load, but it honestly doesn’t feel like it. Two classes are only half a semester long, and the Sex Ed class is just two Saturdays in October. While I hope things pick up, I’m also a little nervous that I’m getting a false sense of security right now, and all of a sudden, two weeks from now, grad school will kill me. It’ll be very sad.

I still don’t have a job, despite my positive feelings about my interview last week. I’m relieved in a way: it seemed really interesting, but didn’t really have anything to do with my field of study. BUT, it paid well, and I definitely need some sort of income…I’m  meeting with a professor tomorrow and hopefully I can get a job working for her!

She does research in prevention of infectious diseases, which is EXACTLY what I’m interested in (disclaimer: right now). I’m actually really surprised that more people aren’t interested in this field, as I find it super fascinating. But I’m not complaining…for the first time, I’m not getting a super competitive vibe from people in my classes…I think it’s because we’re all at a stage in our education where we want different things. Which I LOVE. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are definitely competitive people here, and there are people that feel the need to constantly impress everyone else, but I don’t feel like anyone is competing against me. Which is a very nice feeling.

Anyway, the professor works in prevention of infectious disease, and has done work in the past specifically on Hispanic populations here in the Cities, as well as communities in Latin America! Which I think is way cool, and want to get involved with! We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve made a couple of friend-types. Some peeps in my cohort are really growing on me, and everyone is really nice so far. Today I even went to the St. Paul Farmers Market with a girl from the Epi program who also happens to be from (surprise, surprise) Appleton.

Alright, back to this John Snow assignment I keep putting off [so, so dumb].


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  1. Emily Rossmeissl

    I miss you!

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