Moving update!

I have no internet, but I feel like playing catch-up now instead of in a week when there’s too much to type. SO, I’m writing this now, but YOU (whoever YOU are) aren’t going to see it until a few days from now. WHICH, by the way, is NOW for YOU.

It’s all very confusing, I know.

It has seriously been a crazy couple of days. I got into Minneapolis on Tuesday, orientation on Wednesday and Thursday, moving in on Thursday, and I feel like I’ve been moving in since then. I’m still not done settling in! It’s driving me up the wall, and I’m always sleepy, and my feet hurt, and I still don’t have a garbage can for my bathroom, a place to sit in the living room, a working light in my fridge, internet, cable, an electricity account, groceries, or plates.

Oh yeah, and surprise, classes start on Tuesday and I barely have a clue as to what I’ve signed up for this semester. So you can imagine, I hadn’t even THOUGHT about getting textbooks until yesterday. Whoops. So there’s that whole mess of things I need to get done. My feet hurt just thinking about the bookstore…

Other than that, things are alright. I wouldn’t say I’m excited or eager to start my program at the UMN, but I definitely think I can get a lot out of it. I’ll be beginning the Community Health Education (CHE) Master of Public Health (MPH) program. There are probably about 150 MPH students, 250-300 if you count all the PhD and certificate people. Out of those, about one-third are part of the “Epidemiology” category. And out of those, about 30ish are CHE.

I barely got to meet my CHE ‘cohort’ (I’m not entirely sure that’s the word I’m supposed to use, but “pals” just seemed silly),  but I think there may be a couple of friends to be made. One thing that was a little unsettling about meeting them was that I’m definitely the youngest by at least 2-3 years. There’s a good mix of ages, ranging from 22-40s?, and a good range of backgrounds: Peace Corps volunteers to a pediatrician, etc. But there are already a couple people I can see myself really getting along with, including a guy who went to my high school 5 years before me, and then graduated from UW!

Besides orientation and moving in, I also had an interview Friday. I think it went really well, I will hopefully hear back from her in the next couple of days. More on that later.

I’m too exhausted to think of much else to write. I’ve been to Target, Walmart, Home Depot, IKEA, Sams Club, Applebees (ha), an Indian grocery store, and even a Dollar General. I feel that the consumerism I have demonstrated in line with the true American Spirit, in conjunction with my aching feet (it’s a serious injury, trust me), have qualified me for at least a Purple Heart.

I’m going to go chat it up with someone at the White House now, I’ll get back to you about how it goes.


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One response to “Moving update!

  1. Emily Rossmeissl

    Hey Pratha,

    I’m sure you didn’t know that I’ve been following your blog (creepy, huh?!)… Surprise! I’m so sorry that I didn’t get a chance to see you before you left for the U of M; I really wanted to – some things came up, though, that made it almost impossible to get together with anyone when I was back in Appleton that weekend. It sounds like you’re just getting adjusted and acclimated to the campus and I know how frustrating and overwhelming that can be! Hang in there, though – I think that once classes start you’ll start meeting some great people and you won’t have as much time to worry about these things. I can’t wait to hear how you like school!

    I miss you; I went up to Dan’s cottage over Labor Day weekend and Kate and I were saying that Madison really isn’t the same without you!

    Talk to you soon bud.

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