To the Land ‘O Lakes I go…

I’m leaving for Minneapolis in the morning. My orientation for the School of Public is on Wednesday/Thursday, and I move in to my apartment Thursday afternoon. And I have an interview on Friday morning…

I think I’d be more excited if I weren’t so terrified. Right now all I can think about is whether I’ll make friends, whether I’ll figure out a new (bigger) city, whether I’ll be able to find a job so I can afford school/life, whether it’s going to be worth my time, whether I’m going to be a success in my field or a complete imbecile…

So many thoughts! I’m staying with a friend for two nights, moving in, and then…the interview. For which I am also terrified. AH. The job doesn’t fit the best with what I want my career path to look like, but it should be interesting, and it pays well. And right now, I’m mostly worried about being able to afford grad school. Additionally, if I do get the job (knock on wood), I’m a little concerned about accepting it, just because I have another interview, with a professor, two weeks from now. I’m far more interested in working in that professor’s research lab as it’ll be more interesting and it pertains to my desired field of study. BUT, that’s not actually a “job” just yet, and I have no idea what she has in store for me. Choices, decisions, confusion…that’s just what it’s all been about lately.

That’s all for now: just fears.

I suppose you’ll hear how everything goes.


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