Keeps me walking

As if I don’t have enough to do online. Of course I’ve started a wordpress. Why wouldn’t I? I already frequent facebook, twitter, tumblr, foursquare, pinterest, blogger, google+…what’s stopping me from wordpress? Nothing. Nothing, I say.

I’ve realized a lot in the last month or so that I really miss writing. In high school, it was history and English papers; in college, it was for The Badger Herald, and then a bajillion research proposals (which I actually liked writing! Seriously!).  I haven’t had a reason to write in two years! None of my classes required it, I was busy, and I had filled up all my creative outlets with singing and trying to start an a cappella group. I was so excited to be a student blogger at Minnesota this fall, but that fell through (“We’ve had so much interest in the position! Maybe next year!”), so I figure, why not be a student blogger, but one that DOESN’T have to worry about the fact that her content will be posted on the school website?

The idea sounds pretty good to me.

I’ve decided to stick with the name of a blog I started back in 2008. While I didn’t write a lot, I just read through every post, and I feel the name is sound, and appropriate for what I want to write about. At least for now. Here’s how I explained the title back then:

It’s a line from Ben Fold’s song “Philosophy.” He sings:
“Go ahead you can laugh all you want
I got my philosophy
Keeps my feet on the ground
And I trust it like the ground
That’s why my philosophy
Keeps me walking 
when I’m falling down…”
I just love the song, and thought it was a sweet line, and that perhaps I have been living my life with my own philosophy, and it IS what keeps me sane most of the time.

I stand by it. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Just stick by some kind of way of life, some kind of morality, or political view, or lifestyle, or some kind of definition of happiness so we can get through what’s hard in life?

Here goes nothing.


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